Go Digital with KEEPITAL



100 Go Digital is an initiative to enable traditional Malaysia businesses in key sectors move towards digitalisation, improving efficiency and customer experience.

We work with businesses in order to solve pain points across the ever-changing landscape of digitalisation. We want businesses to enhance their customer experience, gain new market segments and increase sales.

100 Go Digital provides a step by step approach supported by its multi-disciplinary partners who will provide in-depth assistance that helps businesses integrate and familiarise themselves with today’s latest digital technologies.

Leveraging on MDEC’s successful micro-entrepreneur initiative eUsahawan, 100 Go Digital becomes the next step for the participants to move higher up the digital journey.

Launched in Langkawi, the program is envisioned to move to other locales around Malaysia in the future.

Target: Malaysian SMEs in key locations/sectors.

Benefits for businesses :

1. Learn new digital skills.

2. Enhance customer experience.

3. Increase business efficiency.

4. Gain new market.

5. Potential to reduce operating cost.

6. Free promotion for businesses.

Businesses will be assisted according to their digital adoption phases and readiness.

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